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risk assessment

Risk Assessments for Legionella Control

An essential part of water quality and environmental management programs is the assessment of risk. Water Scientific can undertake risk assessments to outline the problem areas, and possible solutions to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Water Scientific will discuss with a site representative all the areas which require examination, and inspect these during a site tour. Possible areas where deterioration in water quality may occur include:

  • cooling towers and systems

  • humidification systems

  • cold water storage tanks

  • hot water calorifiers

  • domestic water outlets

  • water heaters

  • vending machines

  • showers

  • softeners

  • water filters

  • vehicle wash etc.

all features where deterioration in water quality is likely.

In each case we are trying to determine the level of risk, as indicated in BS8580, by considering factors such as water stagnation, temperature, use of non approved materials, aerosolization potential, etc.

Tap outlet temperatures will be monitored especially at the near and far points of supply (i.e. the best and worst quality). Intermediate points will also be inspected. Near and far point inspection reveals the deterioration in water as water passes through pipework.

While examining the water system an asset register will be created. Asset register is used to record a report of the sizes, supply areas, lagging, labelling etc. This will become the appendix of the report and will be referred to in the body of the report. Also on the asset register, area schematics, will be created which will show general layout of tanks, calorifiers etc. and show all items connected to the water system


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