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Independent Water Consultant or AE (Water) services

WSL has been operational since 1992. The principal consultant worked at Thames Water during the early stages of legionella control formulation in 1980’s.. We have more than 30 years experience.


WSL provides water consultancy and AE (Water) services to NHS Trusts around the country

HTM00 Policies and principles of healthcare engineering
L8 Legionella Project Management

Managers are realising that operating water contracts can be time consuming and highly administrative, particularly OJEU and MTC contracts. Water Scientific has expertise in managing such contracts.


Water Scientific can be employed at any stage of a contract. Some examples of processes are shown below:


Tender Stage

  • To specify works required for L8 compliance

  • Hold first meeting with all service providers to ensure consistency

  • Evaluation of Tender and Interview service provider

During Contract period
  • Determine and measure Key performance indicators (KPi)

  • KPi can be for accuracy of reports, invoicing, delivery of service

  • Contract review meetings

  • Spot checks on works such as chlorination, pasteurization

  • Review compliance to L8 of specific buildings or entire site

  • Write new or improve current procedures and policy

Water Scientific involvement can be from the earliest stages of a contract where tender specification is prepared to the completion of the contract.

Our aim is to ensure smooth operation of a contract with a minimal input of your time. Our philosophy for contracts is to find a service provider that will support the customer but work in partnership. The aim to ensure you, the customer obtains a comprehensive service.

Service delivery management

Ensure that the service is being delivered as agreed, to the required level of performance and quality. With involvement at the tender stage benchmarking and levels of service can be addressed.

Relationship management

Keeps the relationship between the two parties open and constructive, aiming to resolve or ease tensions and identify problems early, such as those involving performance improvements and changes to the contract.

Contract administration

Handling the formal control of the contract and changes to the contract documentation. We set clear administrative procedures to ensure all parties to the contract understand who does what, when and how.

We ensure these three areas are managed carefully for the arrangement to be a success. It cannot be stressed often enough that the arrangement must also be flexible enough to accommodate change.


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