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Water Quality Analysis


Water Scientific can analyse water from almost any source and most importantly report the results to you in understandable language quoting any relevant Statutory Instrument or guidance document.

Below are listed some of the most common water sources that we are asked to analyse. These are based on the requirements of various Statutory Instruments and guidelines.


Bathing Waters

Water from swimming pools, lakes, rivers etc.. are tested to relevant guideline requirements. Many tests for these waters such as Virus (6 weeks), Leptospira (6 weeks), Salmonella (4 weeks) etc.. take a long period of time before a result is available. Indicator organisms can be used to determine quality.



boiler Water

When faced with the potential of a failure of a boiler system, we undertake suitable analysis, which can indicate where potential problems such as corrosion, microbial growth etc. are likely to be.



Building Water Quality

We can undertake risk assessments of water within buildings, which is likely to deteriorate, as building water systems, because of their design favour bacterial growth. Analysis can be undertaken for Legionellae bacteria, microbial plate counts (at environmental and body temperatures), Coliforms, Fungi, Pseudomonas, Metals, physicochemical tests, etc. Sampling requirements will depend on the nature of the system and the likely risk, and as a rule of thumb the higher the risk the more thorough the sampling regime.



Effluent and Waste Water

To meet the regulatory requirements by the EPA, HMIP, NRA and Water Companies, we offer routine monitoring of waste water to meet consents. Analysis can be tailored for your needs, as devised by our consultants or we can follow your requirements. Advice and analysis is available, particularly for Redlist and "Blacklist" substances under The Trade Effluents (Prescribed substances and Processes) Regulations 1989 - revised 1990
We offer a consultancy, training, sampling and analysis services



Leak Analysis

Identification of water leaking into cellars, pits, etc.. can save time and the costs excavations. Water from the leak is tested with a local source (e.g. mains water, pond water, etc..) to determine the source of the leak so urgent repairs can be undertaken without delay. The results can be inconclusive, due to contamination of the water.
We come to your site, conduct an investigation, collect samples and interpret the analysis results to determine the problem area.



Mineral Waters

Under The Natural Mineral Water Regulations 1985, mineral water must meet a set criteria. If you are planning to bottle or are bottling water at present we can advise according to the requirements of the above regulations.
We offer consultancy, sampling and analysis service which is designed to ensure you meet your obligations.



New Mains

When a new water main, has been laid and requires commissioning, the water needs to be tested to show that that bacteriological quality and general physical quality is satisfactory.



Private Water Supplies

Under The Private Water Supplies Regulations 2010, water supplies are categorized according to supply population and volume. Each category requires monitoring at set frequencies, with prescribed concentrations or values for the analysis undertaken.
We offer consultancy, sampling and analysis service which is designed to ensure you meet your obligations.



Process Water

To ensure optimal process control, we test the water for various determinants depending on the use, system and operational requirements for the site. Each set of analysis is designed to determine if there are any problems perceived or real.


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